Best Winter Photography Tips

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The freshly fallen snow and crisp air of winter days make for picturesque scenes, but capturing those images on camera is not always so easy.  Cold conditions, low-angled sunlight, and lack of color can make winter photography tricky and the results disappointing.  Using our best winter photography tips, make your next shot as beautiful as a New England winter!

Winter Photography TipsTime your shots:
If it snowed the night before, photograph early in the morning, before the sun becomes bright enough to reflect off the snow.

Shoot away from the sun:
In winter, don’t shoot directly into the sun, because it will reflect off the snow and bleach your picture.

Add some color to your photo composition
Because of the gray-and-white landscape, it’s easy to get washed-out looking pictures, so include some bright hues–a colorful scarf, for example–in your settings, to break up the pale expanse of winter scenes.

Protect your camera from cold
To keep the lens from fogging up in the cold, hold your camera near your body when you’re not using it.

Come prepared
Cold weather uses up power fast, so carry extra batteries. When you’re not taking pictures, take the batteries out of the camera and keep them warm in your pocket to save energy.

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