Monty was surrendered to the Taunton, MA Animal Shelter as a one-year-old puppy. He was adopted but returned to the shelter the next day.
One particular lady at the shelter knew we had lost one of our beloved Samoyeds but thought maybe we would be interested in Monty; an American Eskimo. After several e-mails from her and lots of “nudging,” we agreed to adopt Monty.
Every day with him has been a blessing. He is not only the most comical, loyal dog we have ever had, but he is also the cutest! We think your readers will agree.
Monty enjoys life on our horse farm and never misses an opportunity to “smell the flowers” or just lay amongst them.
We cannot fathom why two other families decided to give him up other than divine intervention; he was meant to be in our family!

By Yankee Magazine

Feb 10 2011

Monty (user submitted)
Photo Credit : Bobbi Sistrunk