Mel Allen: In This Issue | Sept/Oct 2015

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Sneak Preview: Editor Mel Allen explains what went into putting this 80th-anniversary issue together.

  • Happy 80th Anniversary Yankee Magazine. Recently, while going through old boxes in the attic, I was thrilled to discover issues from the 1980’s my mom had the good foresight to store away. A friend helping me suggested I through them out. “Absolutely not!”, I exclaimed. These I will covet along with old issues of Architectural Digest, National Geographic, and This Old house.

  • I was born In Burlington Vermont ..I moved ” FROM ” Burlington Vermont the first time… in I believe it was September of 1991 or 1992….to move to Ft. Lauderdale Fl and I was not impressed…. it was WAY too hot down there… needless to say, I only spent 3 months down there and went back to Vermont… then… in 2001, I took another chance and moved to North Carolina with my husband, Erik and lived there for about 7 years… my husband did not want to stay married.. and my son was and still is in the Airforce in Colorado. So… he came all the way across the country to get me and brought me to Colorado Springs, CO…that was in 2007…in 2008, I moved to Tyler Texas because my brother lives there and offered me some land… well… that did not work out….. again… I called my very sweet son…who is a staff Sgt. in the Air Force and he came to Tyler Texas to pick up his Mom and bring her back to Colorado Springs.. where I bought a house and now reside…but not really happily… I must admit…. I am terribly homesick… I haven’t been home since 2001….and I miss Vermont terribly…. I am a YANKEE GIRL and HEART and down to by BONES…8) I post pictures of New England all the time on Face Book… I just recently subscribed to the magazine… and wished I could have won that house in Cape Cod… Lord that would have been a dream come true…8) . Anyway…just wanted you to know I have really enjoyed the 80th Edition of Yankee magazine… one of the subscriptions I got not long ago was in regard to Acadia Park in Maine… unfortunately … it made me a little sad … because it made me think of my X…husband as that is where we spent a glorious honeymoon…that provided me…and my heart with memories I am likely never to forget…..Thank you so much Yankee Magazine for reminding me that YES indeed I AM a YANKEE GIRL… no matter where I am…. and not likely to forget it!!!!

  • Thank you Mel Allen and thank you Rudy!

    Yankee is Magazine is so precious and it is a joy to see it going strong.

    We can’t wait to read the 8Oth anniversary issue.

    Eleni Dimmler and Alessandro Bruni

  • I am 77 years old and have been subscribed to Yankee, probably for at least 40 years. I look forward to receiving it in my mail. I love New England and vacationed there every year from 1964 to 2010, Cape Cod, Jonesport, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I can no longer drive and your magazine helps me remember the joy you New Englanders gave me. Miss you.


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