8 Things for Readers to Do

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An editor needs readers, of course, because without readers there’s no magazine. But beyond the obvious, Yankee‘s editors look forward to hearing from you, our readers, because for a long time you’ve been key contributors to our pool of ideas. So many times I’ve opened letters and found this line: “I want to tell you about…” And then I learn about a person, or a place, or a wonderful event or ritual that in time becomes a great Yankee story.

The new Yankee offers so many ways for you to send us your ideas. Here’s a brief rundown:

1. “Dear Yankee.” Write us your thoughts on stories we’ve published. It’s one more way we form a magazine community. You can mail us at “Dear Yankee,” Yankee Magazine, 1121 Main St., Dublin, NH 03444, or contact us by e-mail at editor@YankeeMagazine.com.

2. “Speaking My Mind.” Right here on our home page — where you’re reading this column — you’ll see a question that relates to New England, and we want to know your opinion. Click on “submit a comment,” and in each issue we’ll publish some of your feedback.

3. “Here in New England.” For my own front-of-the-book column, I’m always looking for the best New England stories I can find. Over my many years at Yankee, some of my favorites have originated with readers telling me about a neighbor, or about some special happening in their town. Tell me the best New England story you know by sending an e-mail to editor@YankeeMagazine.com or you can write me directly at Yankee’s Dublin offices (see the address above).

4. “Yankee Swopper.” This ageless favorite was way ahead of its time when it made its debut more than 70 years ago. If you have items to swop with fellow readers, write to “Swopper” at Yankee’s address above. To submit a swop online, go to newengland.com/swops/.

5. “Yankee Kitchen.” Have you got a question about food or preparation techniques? This is the place to ask. Just go to our food page and click on “Submit a Question to Yankee Kitchen.”

6. “How’d They Do That?” This column about the most intriguing home projects New Englanders are working on is bound to grow into a reader favorite. We’ll be counting on hearing from you about your own projects or those of your friends. Let Polly Bannister know about your best projects by mail at “How’d They Do That?” (use the Yankee address above), or by e-mail to editor@YankeeMagazine.com.

7. “Best Cook in Town.” Another sure-fire reader favorite! We want to hear about the best home chef in your community and why you think so. Write to “Best Cook” (use the Yankee address above) or send your suggestions to editor@YankeeMagazine.com.

8. “Pairings.” We call this “a puzzle for people who know New England” because all the clues relate to famous New Englanders or famous New England happenings. We’ve already had well over 500 responses to our first puzzle and look forward to your answers in the issues ahead. Send your solutions to “Pairings” (use the Yankee address above) or submit them online at YankeeMagazine.com. I welcome your ideas for future puzzles — send them along to editor@YankeeMagazine.com.

So there you go — at least eight different ways for you to interact with us here and, in a way, to interact with all of our other readers. I hope to hear from each and every one of you!

Mel Allen is editor of Yankee Magazine and author of A Coach’s Letter to His Son.


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