Garden Solution: Get Rid of Slugs

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get rid of slugsSlugs are garden pests that can wreak havoc on your prized plants as they chomp their way through your yard. They have a special fondness for hosta leaves, but will also attack flowers and vegetables, so it’s best to banish them from your property as quickly as possible. Read on for tips on how to get rid of slugs.

Get Rid of Slugs at Night

Mike Shadrack, a garden lecturer who divides his time between England and New York State, loves to inspire new hosta collectors. Unfortunately, slugs love to turn hosta leaves into a holey mess. Thus Mike offers his converts a well-refined method for killing slugs efficiently. He tells gardeners, “Just dress up for an evening out and catch the slimy fellows—or at least scare them.” Mike’s slug-catching outfit begins with a battery-powered headlamp (a headband or cap with a flashlight attached; available from sporting goods stores), which allows you to keep your hands free. Next, don rubber boots: They keep your feet dry, they’re good for squishing slugs on the path, and they wash off easily afterward. The third element of the costume is barbecue tongs, which extend your reach for grabbing slugs off foliage. Once you’re in gear, grab a plastic bag and head out to the garden to collect slugs. When the hunt is over, don’t fuss with dumping the slugs into a bucket of soapy water to kill them. Instead, just seal the bag with a tight knot and put it in the garbage.

Get Rid of Slugs with Beer

To keep slugs out of your garden, fill shallow pans with beer and place them in the garden with the rims flush to the ground. When the slugs go to drink the beer, they’ll drown.

Keep Slugs out of the Garden with Seashells

If you have access to quantities of seashells, try crushing them and spreading them around plants as a deterrent to slugs. The shells will also add nutrients to the soil.


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