3 Musketeers

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3 Musketeers (user submitted)

Shannon Tamosaitis

My fur-children from left to right:
Boi -Labradoodle age 7, Sawyer -yellow lab age 6-almost 7, & Sawyer’s sister Finnley -yellow lab age 2! These sweet babies lead an active life and are spoiled with many day trips, puppy play dates, hikes and beach romps! They love children & any kind of outdoor activities. Most of all, they love food & their MOM (me) & lots of snuggles!!!!!
They have been featured in several local newspapers, calendars, and also won 1st place in top dog photo competitions in my local community as well! Just last week they were featured on the radio as pet resuces of the week!
P.S. They are all rescues, Boi from the cold streets of Hartford when he was a small frail puppy, and Sawyer & Finnley from an abusive/neglectful breeder whom animal control has since investigated, deeply fined, & shut down completely after removing 15 dogs and 6 additional puppies from her home in CT.
I am so lucky and thankful to have them as my family!

Photographer: Shannon Tamosaitis

Location: Vernon, CT


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