YANKEE CLASSIC: House for Sale

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Yankee Classic from April, 1950.


DearYankee_1950_2DEAR MANY READERS:

Thanks for your letter. For some months now we have been running, as you know, pictures and a story of some attractive house in these states. Naturally, this sort of story would not be as interesting as a similar story of a house actually for sale–one YOU could do something about. So from here out the Home Dept. will cover (YANKEE special staff photographer and writer) some house or small business or farm–FOR SALE–each month.

In this, YANKEE’s interest is altogether editorial as we have no desire to act as real estate agents. We make no guarantees the house won’t be sold before you get there, so we suggest you act fast if you like its looks. Short descriptions will be given each time, also of the town in which this house is located. Price, etc., will be stated as given to us. In each case we shall have been at the house, writing it up, photographing it, etc., but don’t take our word for it even then. Go see for yourself.

YANKEE will also be glad to hear from any of you who have properties for sale. If these appeal editorially, you might get a free write-up-you just might.

Richard Merrifield,

Yankee Magazine revisited this house sixty-years later for its 75th Anniversary issue.

  • My husband and I subscribe to Yankee Magazine and love it. We noticed “your homes for sale ” ads and thought our home would be a perfect addition. Our home is in Newmarket ,NH in a waterfront community on Great Bay called Moody Point. We have lovely water views of Lubberland Creek( an estuary of Great Bay and an abundance of daily visitors – Red Fox, White Tailed Deer, Opossum, and Fisher cats to name a few. It is a bird watcher’s paradise with Cardinals, Chicadees, Nut hatchers, Robins, Blue Jays, Canada Geese and gaggles of Wild Turkeys. Other more unusual birds such as Osprey and Screech Owls are also present..The developer was determined to keep the setting very natural with meadows and lovely walking trails along the bay with a community dock for canoeing and kayaking. It is a lovely, serene slice of NH in a county setting but close to Portsmouth and the University of New Hampshire. Can you send me the classified ad information . Thank you very much Janice Wood and David Contarino

  • I am now offering up for sale my home in Milford. CT. My home built in 1864 by Orange S. Hubbell is a fine example of a Civil War Italianate 14 room Mansion. It has 10 fireplaces, plaster crown moldings and 8 chandeliers. It has been said to have been part of the underground railroad. The mansion may be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/hubbellmansion. I hope it could be considered for a future article in the Yankee Magazine. Thank You

  • I Love Yankee Magazine………I moved away from New England (Ma.) many years ago but go back to visit family as often as i can. I’m not a saver of stuff but I just can’t throw away any copies of Yankee, I first got acquainted with Yankee while i was at the doctors office with my very sick husband and the year was 96 or 97 and we lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Once I started to read the little magazine I couldn’t leave it behind.
    I took the magazine home with me and hence began my love affair with the best magazine published. Thank you !!! homesick in La.

  • I have a property in Westerly RI that we are putting up for sale. The house was built in 1700 and has much character. Typical farmhouse with central chimney and 3 fireplaces, It The property also has one large barn, a second barn that has a section converted into an office/family room, an outhouse, a corncrib that has been redone into a sitting/bar area along wioth a couple more outbuidings. Please let me know if there is any interest.
    Thanks you


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