Checklist for Closing Up Summer Cottages

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Maine CottageClosing up your summer camp or cottage can be a chore, but it beats the alternative of opening it up in the spring to odors or damage. To prevent problems, use this checklist to be sure you have taken care of the important tasks.

  • Drain water completely
  • Turn off propane at tanks
  • Turn off circuit breakers
  • Close fireplace and woodstove dampers
  • Clean out and defrost refrigerator and leave door open
  • Disconnect appliances
  • Close and lock windows
  • Clean gutters
  • Check for and remove any tree limbs that are hanging over the roof
  • Remove valuables
  • Pull dock and raft on shore
  • Remove all cans and bottles that can freeze or explode
  • Spread mothballs or cedar chips on stored linen and bedding to deter mice

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