Wine Crate Bookshelves

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While traveling this past week in Vermont, we stopped by Hostel Tevere, located in the beautiful Mad River Valley, for brunch.  Not only was the food super fresh, locally-sourced and delicious, but the interior was an inspiring, eclectic mix of DIY projects, and funky furnishings.

I noticed these simple, but lovely wine crates, fashioned to the wall as book shelves….and I simply had to share.  For me, this is the perfect project- easy-to-make, useful and crafted from materials you probably have laying around the house (if not, ask your favorite bar or restaurant if they have any boxes you could have).

Tips for Using Wine Crate Bookshelves:

-When hanging your bookshelves, use screws (at least one in each corner, and a few down the sides and middle), and try to drill into a stud.  If you can’t find studs in the area that you are hanging your shelves, you can also use a anchors.  You need these to be sturdy- books get heavy very quickly, so make sure that you take the time to properly hang your shelves.

-Wine boxes, in their previous life, were probably handled a bit roughly.  Take a piece of sandpaper and rub off any marks, price tags, splintered wood, or damaged edges.

-Check the crate’s hardware- make sure that the nails are still holding, and that the crate is well constructed.

My final tip…if you are ever in the Mad River Valley, specifically the town of Warren, make sure to stop for breakfast at Hostel Tevere.  Try the gingerbread pancakes…you will thank me.

*isn’t this a cool idea too…hanging stained glass windows as art!?

  • Winepine

    The wine crate bookshelves look great, and the books are perfectly stacked together. The Far Niente is a beautiful piece.I will definitely take your advice on the Gingerbread pancakes if i’m ever in the area. They sound fantastic!


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