Valentine’s Day Wine Tags

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If you’re planning a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two, or a Valentine’s bash for friends, why not wear your heart on your sleeve (or on your wineglass!) with these easy-to-make tags.Materials: Modeling clay (air-dry is best), heart-shaped cookie cutter, rolling pin, decorative stamp, wax paper, toothpick, indoor/outdoor satin spray-paint, decorative wire, beads.Instructions:

Step 1: Put the clay between two sheets of wax paper, and roll to an 1/8 inch thickness, using a rolling pin.

Step 2: Using your heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut out several hearts. Step 3: With your decorative stamp, press a design onto the front of the heart.  This gives them some texture, pattern and interest.  Using a toothpick, press a hole all the way through near the top of the heart.  Allow the hearts to dry completely overnight.

Step 4: Once the clay is dry, spray paint one side, allow to dry, and spray paint the other side.Step 5: Once dry, thread the heart, and beads, onto decorative wire, and make a latch closure.Don’t limit yourself to wine glasses, why not craft napkin rings, heart garland, necklaces, or keychains!?


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