Repurposed Window Shutters: Now, a Kitchen Solution

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I think this is the last time I can mention Twin Elm Farm—an excellent antique co-op in Peterborough, New Hamsphire, near Yankee’s offices—for at least a while. I’ve written about my finds from this place so many times that you might think that I’m getting kickbacks. I promise I have no financial interest in the business. No discounts. It’s simply that I keep discovering useful objects and great ideas there.

This smart use of old window shutters was the latest find.

And old window shutter becomes a place to hang kitchen towels.

What a smart, simple idea. I never have enough places to hang all the dish towels in circulation, and I love the way this weathered surface would add character to a kitchen. Just be sure that the slots are wide enough for you to be able to easily thread the towels into the holes. You could also mount the shutters on hinges so that the panel would swing out.

Thanks again, Twin Elm Farm. And now I think it’s time for me to shine the light on some of the other great shops around New England!



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