Quick Fixes for Wood Furniture Stains

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For a return on your investment, there’s no substitute for wood furniture. Cherry, maple and oak are the most durable, although many people like the look of pine, a softer wood that’s susceptible to nicks, dents and scratches. Stay away from pressboard furniture. It’s more unstable than wood, and the piece will have a much shorter life, which negates its lower price. Keep your furniture looking great by removing stains from the wood using these techniques.

Remove Wood Furniture Stains

  1. Water Marks or Rings: Cover the stain with a clean, thick blotter, press down with a warm iron, and repeat. You can also try the mayonnaise method.
  2. White Marks: Rub lightly with ashes mixed with lemon juice. Remove any excess from wood with polish.
  3. Milk Stains: Rub stain with a cloth dampened with household ammonia.
  4. Heat Marks: Dampen a cloth with mineral spirits and polish lightly with the grain. Dry the surface of the wood and buff.
  5. Stuck Paper: Soak the area with vegetable oil or olive oil, let sit a few minutes and rub along the wood grain with a coarse towel or cheesecloth. Dry and finish with polish.
  6. Gum: Hold an ice cube on the gum until it hardens. Use an old credit card to crack it off the surface, then polish the wood.

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