Prevent Tiled Shower Leaks

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Tiled showers are beautiful but prone to grout cracks and leaks. Find out the simple way to prevent tiled shower leaks.

Prevent Tiled Shower Leaks

Prevent Tiled Shower Leaks

A tiled shower can significantly upgrade the look of a bathroom, but hairline cracks in the tile grout can be a troublesome source of water leaks. Learn how to prevent tiled shower leaks by sealing the grout. You’ll also prevent the growth of mold and mildew – keeping your shower cleaner, longer.

To get more years out of your tiled wall, seal all of your grout with clear silicone (available at hardware stores in spray- or brush-on formulas). It will not only add luster and shine to the finish, but it will also seal the grout’s pores against bleach. Bleach, because it kills mildew and unwanted germs, is a common ingredient in bathroom and household cleaners. Unfortunately, it eats into porous materials like grout, causing them to deteriorate. Remember that with a tiled wall, it’s rarely the tile that goes bad or wears out—it’s the grout.

If you are re-grouting, consider using a silicone-based grout additive that contains mildewcide (available at hardware stores). Mildewcide is a chemical found in many products that destroys and prevents mold and mildew. Without those unwelcome fungi growing in your bathroom walls, your grout will last longer, and you’ll have less cleanup work in the long run. Who knew those old tiled bathroom walls could be completely mold and mildew free?


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