Personalized Place Cards

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Continuing with my theme of handmade celebrations, I would love to share with you a craft that I made to help decorate for my husband’s 40th surprise birthday party.  It was a small celebration, with just a few friends gathering for pizza, beer and ping-pong.  But I pulled off the surprise (both the party, and his gift: a ping-pong table- not so easy to hide, let me tell you!), which has to count for something!When he walked in the house after work, all of our friends were waiting, and the dining room was decorated with party hats and balloons.  But the very best decoration….?Personalized place cards!  Using pictures of my husband, I made up several of these to scatter across the table.  There were adorable baby pictures, hilarious college photos, and a few current gems!Not only were they great for the table top decor, but they also made for fun conversation pieces.  Everyone got a kick out of seeing my husband through the different (and occasionally awkward) stages of his life.If you would like to make personalized place cards for your next celebration, all you need is some card stock, a computer program that allows images and type (I just used Microsoft Word), and a printer.  You also might need a scanner if you would like to use pictures that aren’t digital.

At the end of the night, a few friends asked to take home their favorite card- a little memento of a wonderful evening!


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