Crafts | Make Vintage Scented Lavender Hearts

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For a special handmade gift, a vintage-inspired scented lavender heart is sure to please. Antique linen and old-fashioned sewing methods  are all you need to make these beautiful, lavender-filled sachets.

Materials to Make Vintage Scented Lavender Hearts:

  • Linen
  • Small bits of ribbon
  • Lavender
  • Needle and thread

Instructions to Make Vintage Scented Lavender Hearts:

Cut out two identical linen hearts, as large or small as you choose.  Place the pieces right side together, pick a length of ribbon and pin in between your two linen hearts.

Sew together leaving a small opening for stuffing. Trim the excess ribbon so that it matches the edge of the heart. Turn your heart right side out.

Stuff your hearts with loose, dried lavender (note: you can stuff them with regular cotton stuffing as well!) Sew up the small opening after stuffing.

Now comes the fun part…embellish your hearts with pretty buttons, flowers and bows!


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