Tiny Plants and Planters | Miniature Houseplant Ideas

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Tuck an air plant into a seashell.

To give a tiny plant big impact, try tucking a miniature air plant into a seashell.

Miniature houseplants are sweet, fun and whimsical. Displaying these tiny plants and flowers in miniature, makeshift plant pots is an enjoyable way to indulge your green thumb with very little effort, money or space. Here are some simple, yet creative, ideas for pairing miniature plants with equally pint-sized planters.

So which tiny plants work best? The delicate foliage of baby tears, baby toes, string of pearls, air plants, and mosses can all be tucked into tiny pots without overpowering them.

When choosing a pot to hold tiny plants, be sure to look in unexpected places. Any small vessel can serve as a tiny plant container. Thimbles, wine corks, sea shells, driftwood, tiny toys, dollhouse miniatures, spice tins, votive and tea-light candle holders, hand cream jars ,and even cosmetic caps—such as those found on hairspray and perfume bottles.

Seashell Planters
An air plant is right at home in a tiny seashell.  Carefully tuck an air plant into the shell opening and lightly mist once a month.  The plant should not be forced into the shell, but rather loosely positioned to allow for good air circulation.

Plastic Caps and Medicine Dosage Cups
Wrap the cup with a strip of tinfoil or decorative tape and secure around the edges. Use a sharp knife to poke one drainage hole in the bottom of the cap and fill half way with potting soil.  Add plant and cover roots with more soil. Lightly water and display.

Cork Planter
A tiny air plant, which requires no soil or water, can be inserted into the hole left by the corkscrew.  Succulents may also be used, simply enlarge the hole in the cork to accommodate the roots and soil, before filling ¾ way with soil using a straw. Insert a tiny succulent and mist with water on occasion.

Steam Punk Style
Add the edginess of steam punk style to your surroundings by using eclectic objects as planters. Cut a hole into the top of a small doll head, use a broken desk clock, or a vintage transistor radio that has been gutted as a plant pot. Look for existing drainage holes, as most discarded or broken items will have openings or holes that can serve as a drainage point.  Fill ¾ with soil, add plants, cover roots with more soil and enjoy.

Miniature Toys
Dollhouse miniatures and matchbox trucks make fun planters. Sprinkle potting soil in the bottom and insert plant. Be sure to water sparingly if there are no existing drainage holes.

To take these ideas for  tiny plant ideas a step further, place some in a dollhouse or miniature scene, or create unique fridge magnets by gluing a magnet to the back. Add a little plant to place card settings for dinner guests, or use as a thoughtful gift to brighten someone’s day.


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