Japanese Beetle Control | 3 Simple Solutions

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Get rid of Japanese beetles before they destroy your plants.

Get rid of Japanese beetles before they destroy your plants.

Brenda Darroch

Japanese beetles can ruin your roses as well as many other landscape plants and vegetable crops. If your garden is infested with Japanese beetles, fight back fast by using these three methods to control those ravenous garden pests.

Japanese Beetle Control

The simplest way to get rid of Japanese beetles is to pluck them off of plants in early morning when they’re the least active and drop them into a bucket of soapy water.

Use Japanese beetles as a weapon against themselves. Collect a cup or two of the beetles in a container. Put the beetles in an old blender (one you don’t use for food preparation) with some water. Blend them well, then strain the resulting liquid through cheesecloth into a spray bottle. Add water to dilute the bug juice (four parts water and one part bug juice). Spray the mixture directly on the crops being devastated by the beetles.

Marigolds planted around the border of a garden will deter many insects, and they are especially good at luring Japanese beetles away from your herbs and vegetables


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