Gardening Advice from Farmer Tracie

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Farmer Tracie Smith

Photo/art by Tracie's Community Farm

Farmer Tracie shares her weeding methods

Photo/art by Justin Shatwell


What’s the secret to getting your tomato plants to fruit early? What are the keys behind easy and effective weeding? And just what goes into creating rich, wonderful compost? Longtime organic gardener Tracie Smith has the answers.

The New England born Tracie is as passionate about organic gardening as she is about sharing what she knows. For more than a decade she’s owned and operated a successful CSA in southern New Hampshire. And since 2007 she’s farmed a beautiful stretch of 33 acres of conservation land in Fitzwilliam. Today, more than 250 dedicated families are members of Tracie’s Community Farm, while her produce makes it into the kitchens of restaurants around the Monadnock region.

Now, Tracie is teaming up with Yankee Magazine for a regular video series called Gardening with Farmer Tracie to offer tips, advice, and other great information to help you make that green thumb, even greener. Check back often for new segments, and new ways to get most out of your gardens and plants.


    Hi Tracie;
    Thanks for the bottom leaves tip.
    I enjoy your videos

  • Elizabeth

    Great ideas in the tomato trellising article, and good information in the week-control video as well. Very simple and practical explanations in both – more videos please! Gardening here in Dallas, Texas is different in many ways from gardening in New England (104 degrees daily forecast for the next two weeks), but these basic concepts are still true and useful here. Thanks Farmer Tracie!

  • The only thing I haven’t done is the bottom leaves, thanks for that hint, going to do that first thing in the morning.

  • my husband and i got alot out of your viedo and are now going to trellis our plants and snip the bottom suckers. every year we have so many tomatoes that do nopt ripen because our plants are so bushy. thanks alot! judy caraway Buena, Wa.

  • Richard

    Farmer Tracies tips for pruning are very good and they work. My wife went to a tomato trellising course at our local Cooperative Extension. As farmer Tracie demonstrates pruning tomato plants is not at all complicated and time consuming as some books seem to make it.Trellising works fantastic, and one of the benefits is it is simple to take down at the end of the season. We grow about sixty plants a year, with five different varieties. I like cages and use about 40. My wife trellises, and I must admit trellised plants are more manageable. Thanks again for a very good article. Richard “Mac” McDonald. Greene, New York.


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