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Shelley Wigglesworth

Shelley Wigglesworth

Garden blogger, Shelley Wigglesworth offers a broad range of botanical advice to our readers. Whether you need tips on curing common houseplant ailments or are looking for a plant that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, she’s here to help.

Do you have a gardening question for Shelley? If so, post it here and she’ll choose three to answer in an upcoming blog.

  • Shelley

    Hi Tim-
    When it comes to when to expect veggies to flower/produce, much depends on when the seeds were planted and the seed quality. Pumpkins require cross pollination from male and female plants and It is not unusual for pumpkins to flower and begin to grow as late as August in New England. Once the pumpkins appear they should grow fast in the hot August sun. Let me know how you make out!

  • I have pumpkins watermelon and cantetlop on my first garden.runs of flowers bees and water.I have a zucchini on the vine.pick some already.but no other fruit.when should I see pumpkins mellons ? Its July 20.? I see butternut sq on vines also-?


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