Crafts: Custom Picture Frame

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Place a photo of your grandparents in a vintage button frame.

Place a photo of your grandparents in a vintage button frame.

Plain picture frames cost a lot less than fancy ones, so buy a plain frame and decorate it yourself. If you have some white household glue or a hot-glue gun, you can attach all kinds of trinkets to the face of most frames to create a custom picture frame. Here are four ideas to get you started on decorating your own custom frame.

Custom Button Frame on Christmas MantelButton Picture Frame: Imagine being able to clear out your button tin and make a beautiful frame at the same time. Carefully glue buttons of varying sizes to the frame. Choose colors based on the type of photo you will be displaying. Light colored buttons are perfect for a vintage photo of your grandparents, while brightly colored buttons look great with a child’s photo.

Sportsman Picture Frame: Think that picture of your husband when he caught the “big one” is a keeper? Imagine how good it would look with the lure he used — or one like it — attached to the frame.

Seashell Picture Frame: Do you have a favorite photo from a perfect day at the beach? Shells are a natural choice for a nautical-themed picture and can be easily glued to an inexpensive frame.

Stone Picture Frame: Small pebbles you’ve picked up during your travels can turn a dull frame into a memento of your trip. Be sure to use the lightest stones possible.


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