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As much as I love wrapping gifts in pretty papers, I have a hard time justifying the waste of all that paper, much of which can not be recycled due to the dyes used. Store-bought gift bags can be reused, but eventually those will wear out. I’m striving for a paperless holiday, with all of my gifts wrapped in pretty fabric gift bags that I’m going to make myself. Most of my gifts are handmade—this year I knit pretty scarves and fingerless gloves, which are all the rage with my friends!

fabric gift bags

I chose vintage fabrics from my enormous fabric stash, and set to work making super quick and easy fabric bags. You will need a 9″ long by 12″ wide piece of fabric, a sewing machine, thread and a small length of ribbon.

Instructions to Make a Fabric Gift Bag

Begin by hemming what will be the top edge of your bag, along the width.

Once this edge is hemmed, fold the fabric vertically, right sides together, and press.

Take your length of ribbon, fold it in half, and sandwich it between the side edge that you are about the sew—this secures the ribbon to your edge.

Using a zig-zag stitch, sew the side and bottom. Turn right side out, and you should have a bag, with ribbon ties.

fabric gift bag

Even if sewing isn’t your hobby of choice, you can still use fabric to wrap your presents. Check out this blog round-up of pretty, fabric-wrapped gifts for some inspiration!


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