Easy Ways to Clean Shower Curtains

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Clean Shower CurtainWash the Shower Curtain

Squirting and scrubbing a filmy shower curtain can take a lot of time, but there’s a faster way to remove pesky soap scum. Just pull it down off its rings and toss it in the washer with a few towels, which will do the scrubbing for you. Stop the washer before the spin cycle and hang the curtain back in place to drip-dry.

Use Fabric Softener to Clean the Shower Curtain

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of removing the curtain from the rod, look in your laundry room to find a fabulous shower curtain cleaner, says Judy Brown. Fabric softener will clean up soap residue in a jiffy. Dab some liquid fabric softener on a cleaning cloth and wipe down your plastic or vinyl shower curtain. Or put a couple of teaspoons of fabric softener in a spray bottle and fill the bottle with warm water. Squirt the shower curtain all over with the solution and wipe. Rinse with the shower hose. If you don’t have a shower hose, remove the curtain from the rod and take it outside-you can use your garden hose to rinse it. Still another alternative: Use fabric softener sheets to attack that soap scum. Just dampen a sheet, wipe the curtain, and rinse. This also works well on shower doors. It even works with sheets you’ve already used in the dryer.

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  • The washer works great but b sure u put towels and frantic softer in too and don’t put on spin cycle or dry in dryer. ****


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