TIP: Musical Alarm

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TIP: Musical Alarm


  • There are times when we want to know if a door in our house is being opened or closed. For instance, we want to know in the winter when kids tend to leave the door open to run out to the car or let the dog out or at night if someone is up in the bathroom, maybe sick. We have a simple and pleasant method of monitoring the doors. If you attach a simple musical box or toy item with a string you pull to make it play to the wall behind the door with a hook or screw and then attach the string to the back of the door with a cup hook or strong piece of duct tape, each time the door is closed the string is pulled and the music box is "wound." Then when someone opens the door, the string is loosened and the music plays. Kids love it, and if you find a tune that you like, it is very pleasant. We have "I'd Like to Teach The World to Sing" on our kid's bedroom door. This way, if they are up during the night to go to the bathroom or for some other reason, we hear it and can check on them if necessary. It would also alert me if someone else tried to enter the kids' room. We also keep one of these on our entry doors for that very reason. No one comes in without us knowing about it.


My neighbor loved it because she always knew when her teenagers came home at night. It is impossible to disable from the outside of the house and uses absolutely no power, plus no one expects it. It lasts forever. We have had ours for over twenty years. I suggested this to a friend whose father lived with them and was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and tended to wander at night. Another friend whose children wouldn't stay out of the snack cupboard put one in the cupboard. The possibilities are endless. It is so useful.

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