Sew it up

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Sew it up


  • * tie off hem threads at 12" intervals, so when breaks all thread won't pull out
  • * for hemming - use lamp shade to drape item on.
  • * to hem pants - stand sideways at mirror and hitch up pant leg until hem is at the length you'll want. Pin tuck formed at thigh and measure the material taken up by the tuck - shorten hem by this amount
  • * permanent hem in jeans - use hot glue gun
  • cut garmet to length you want plus a 1" hem, turn the inch under and press. Spread glue close to edge and press down with old butter knife. Item will hold firm and only fray to the glue line,
  • * to make a loop holder on a jacket - use a pony tail holder sewn on.
  • * to prevent baggy knees and elbows in synthetics by pressing in interfacing within new items


* tie ribbon to scissors and hot glue one end to machine - for keeper scissors
* rubber matting under sewing machine keeps from moving
* Tape a button in place when sewing on to keep it still/in place
* use velcro for closures and sew on buttons for appearance
* use a straw with string threaded through and then end taped to pass through channel of material (drawstring bags etc)

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