roasted green chilies

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roasted green chilies


  • This is by far the most expensive ingredient when cooking my favorite Mexican
  • food. I use them for chile rellenos, chile verde, tamales,
  • homemade Mexican style stews. They cost about $5 per pound if
  • purchased in those tiny cans. I usually buy in bulk. The
  • ethnic stores usually have them for 98 cents per pound.


Again, I go to my trusted oven. I place them on a cookie
sheet, bake in a 450- to 500-degree oven, and turn after ten
minutes. When the outside of the chilies are blistered with
black spots, they're done. Take out of oven and cover with a
kitchen towel to cool. The towel allows the skins to steam and
are then easily removed. Clean out all the seeds and membrane
and rinse thoroughly under cool water. You may want to use
food grade gloves when making large batches. Your hands tend
to get hot after awhile. Place several chilies depending on
the recipe in individual pieces of plastic wrap, toss all the
small packs into a large resealable bag, and mark the outside
of the bag.

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