Red Sox Caramel Corn Treats

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Red Sox Caramel Corn Treats

All photos/art by Aimee Seavey

If you can’t make it to Fenway on Friday to celebrate the park’s 100th anniversary, that’s no reason not to make an event of it at home! And since watching and munching go hand in hand, snacks should definitely be involved. We think both kids and adults will enjoy a batch of Oven Baked Caramel Corn with peanuts (like the song says), made even more tasty thanks to a generous handful of red candy-covered peanut butter chocolate candies. Serve it in a large bowl, or dole it out like I did into crafty, kid-friendly, snack-sized paper bags.

Photo: Aimee Seavey

For the bags I gathered up scissors, a hole punch, markers, small white paper bags from the craft store, scrapbooking stickers shaped like baseballs and stars, and ribbon (all home-team red, of course). Decorate the bags however you choose.

Photo: Aimee Seavey

Once they’re decorated, add a heaping cup of caramel corn, then fold down the top of the bag. Two hole punches later, you’re ready to thread your ribbon through the holes and tie a tidy bow in front.

Photo: Aimee Seavey

This is an effective way to not eat the entire batch in one afternoon, and they sure do look fun and festive!

Photo: Aimee Seavey

You might miss a few things about being in Boston for the game…the fun of milling around with other fans on Lansdowne street before passing through the turnstiles, the magical moment when you leave the concourse and step up into the fresh Fenway air…but perhaps you can console yourself with the notion that when the game is over, you won’t have to pile onto the T or grit your teeth at the price of parking.

After all, watching the game at home means a front row seat for instant replays and a reasonable expectation that you will not be asked to participate in the wave. It also means you can create a whole new lineup of Sox-themed snacks. How about a Green Monster minty milkshake? Fenway Franks with all the fixins’ (but a much smaller price tag)? Yawkey Toffee? Splendid Splinter Sundaes?

Let your imagination soar like a home run ball leaving the park. Enjoy the game, and Go Sox!


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