Recipe to Jacek for ME!

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Recipe to Jacek for ME!


  • Once a month I need to be taken to Target to buy essentials for house cleaning:
  • Things I may need:
  • Bleach
  • Magic Clean Erasers
  • Dusting Rags
  • Mop Head (once every four months)
  • Mop Sheets (for cleaning bathroom — by boys)
  • Would Like Periodically:
  • Coffee Creamer
  • Popcorn
  • I would like to be taken to the health food store every other month:
  • Special Mayo
  • Shortening/butter sticks — 1 box each
  • 2 boxes of Mac/cheese
  • Spices — bulk (three or four kinds)
  • Bonner’s soap
  • I WANT to be taken shopping before bdays/holidays — to buy a few things:
  • Candies (for boys)
  • Special Fruits
  • Dessert makings
  • Toys/etc…


I would like to get a hair cut every other month

I would like to go clothes shopping every season for one or four things

I need a new pair of shoes — twice a year

I want to look at clearance clothing for boys — every month

I would appreciate your putting $50.00 into Paypal Account ASAP — and lessen my amount by that much next month

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