Make Spices Last Longer

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SpicesHerbs and spices add so much the essence of a savory dish, but they can be a bit pricey. These flavor boosters are sensitive to the elements, so to make them last the longest, follow this advice on how to store spices and revive herbs.

  • Store dried spices in glass jars with tight lids. If such containers aren’t available, use tins, which will keep them fresh nearly as long. Avoid storing spices in plastic bags, which will not retain their freshness.
  • Hang your spice rack in a cool, dry place away from the microwave or oven. Otherwise the heat from cooking will parch the spices, and they will turn dull and stale quickly.
  • Buy spices in small quantities, and be sure to date your favorites so that you can replace them as soon as they
    start to age. They will begin to lose flavor within three months, and their taste will decrease noticeably in six months.
  • To revive stale herbs, simply rub them vigorously before adding them to dishes.

If you prefer a more do-it-yourself approach, read on for instructions on growing an indoor herb garden and drying herbs.


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