Cheesy Dapper Apple Squares

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As the catchy saying goes, “Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze!” A classic sweet meets salty pairing, the combination of cheese (most often cheddar) and apple pie has long been a New England favorite — raised eyebrows from other parts of the country be darned!

The cheese and apple pie pairing can come in a few different forms. Some folks prefer a thick hunk of freshly cut sharp cheddar on the plate next to the pie so they can parcel out individual portions of both with their fork. Others slice the cheddar thin and bake it right into the pie, or grate it and add it into the dough for the crust. Still others melt it on top on the pie.

This apple/cheese recipe for Cheesy Dapper Apple Squares favors the “cheese sliced thin and baked right in” (see how I am keeping this rhyming thing going?) school of thought, and as the name implies, it’s not a pie, but these squares are easier, faster, and just as tasty!

A buttery crumb crust is pressed into the pan, then topped with Vermont sharp cheddar cheese, sugary apples, and finally a generous handful of crumb topping laced with nuts (or in my case, delicate slivered almonds for increased fancy-factor). The cheddar settles into a thin, salty layer that perfectly pairs with the sweetness of the tart apples and buttery brown sugar crust and topping.

These cheddar apple squares were a hit with both my coworkers and my landlady Helen — both reliable endorsements for the “make again” category. It’s also a perfect dish for someone that has pie-anxiety, is short on time, or is looking for a dish to take to a gathering or party. It doesn’t get easier than bars in the portable department!

So have I convinced you to make these? Do you like apple and cheese together?

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  • I have to admit, I don’t know what saying, but I would love to try these bars!

  • I was lucky enough to sample one of these squares on a recent visit to the Yankee offices and can attest to their fantasticness.


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