The Yankee Kitchen: Composed Nicoise Salad

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Yankee Magazine’s Lifestyle Editor, Amy Traverso shows you how to create a Composed Nicoise Salad.

Hi, I’m Amy Traverso, and welcome to the Yankee Kitchen. In this video I’m going to be showing you how to make a Composed Nicoise Salad. The salad is very fresh and healthy, and it’s a great party recipe.

So to prep the recipe, you just need to boil some eggs and cut them in half and then blanch some green beans. You’ll need a bunch of radishes that you can thinly slice. That should be about six radishes, two tablespoons ground black pepper, two teaspoons fleur de sel or kosher salt, three pounds fresh tuna. You want about six ounces per person. Two tablespoons of olive oil, a half a pound of mixed olives, marinated olives or Nicoise olives, two to
three heads of lettuce preferably a mix of different varieties.

Sprinkle pepper and salt onto the fresh tuna. You want to press it into the flesh on both sides, and that will keep it from sticking to the griddle.
Pour olive oil into a sauté pan over medium high heat and set the tuna into the pan in the oil. You want to create a nice, brown sear around the crust. It’ll take about three minutes to do that, and the heat should be medium high to high. Turn the fish very carefully once you get some browning on that side, and then sear them on the other side. You want to take the tuna off the heat before it’s fully cooked through. You want a nice, pretty ribbon of red, raw tuna in the middle.

To assemble the salad, take the tuna, the green beans, the radishes and theeggs, and arrange them on top of the lettuce. Serve this with the
vinaigrette and the aioli sauce on the side.

Okay, so I’m almost done. The last step is just to put the olives on. A
little garnish, a little flavor. And that’s it. Now for this recipe and
more, you can go to YankeeMagazine.com.


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