Baked Eggs with Bacon

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shirred eggsBacon and eggs are an unbeatable breakfast combination, and making them doesn’t have to be a matter of spattering grease and frying pans. Instead, try this convenient, quick combination of baked eggs with bacon adapted from New Delineator Recipes (1929): Curl one slice of just-cooked bacon around the inside of each cup in a six-muffin tin. Break an egg inside each bacon ring, season with salt and pepper, and bake at 400°F until set but not hard—about 8 minutes. “Remove carefully from the dish so that the egg will remain fastened to the bacon. Arrange on a platter and garnish with parsley.”

These bacon-and-egg rings can also become a better-tasting—less expensive—alternative to fast food breakfast sandwiches. And there’s no waiting in the drive-thru while you waste precious gasoline! Just tuck one of the rings into a home-baked biscuit, adding some grated cheese if you’d like. If you want less fat in the dish, spray the muffin tins with fat-free cooking spray. Using the slices from a package of storebought precooked bacon work best for this dish—unlike crispy home-cooked bacon, precooked bacon is flexible and will bend in a circle easily.

Excerpt from 1,001 Old-Time Household Hints—brought to you by Skyhorse Publishing


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