Concrete Patio Repair

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Concrete Patio Repair


  • My patio is a concrete slab with a planting area around two sides. It was in bad repair with a few cracks. I cleaned the slab with TSP, and then I went to Home Depot and bought concrete paint in two different colors. One color was used as a base coat and the other was sponged on the base coat with a brick shaped sponge. I used a yellow-beige as the base with a red-brown color for the "bricks." It looks like a brick patio


and I get many, many compliments on it. You can find many different paint colors. Here are a couple of hints. Don't paint when it's over 90 degrees and let the base coat dry at least 24 hours. Be sure to leave at least one to one and a half inches between each "brick." If they are too close, it doesn't look real. Be careful when moving furniture for a couple of weeks. Keep some paint in case you need it. It is easy to touch up. Mary Ellen

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