Carrots ~ Maple-Nut

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Carrots ~ Maple-Nut

Roasting is one of the best approaches to maximize the sweet, earthy flavor of carrots. The high heat caramelizes the carrot�s sugars and browns the exterior, ideally leaving the interior tender and moist. Too often, however, the carrots burn black or turn tough and dry. What�s the best approach to roasting carrots? Here’s what we discovered:

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  • * Cook the carrots hot and fast: 475 degrees for 15 minutes or so. The intense heat promotes rapid caramelization, which, in turn, keeps the interior moist.
  • Preheat the baking sheet to jumpstart cooking. Just be careful when spreading out the uncooked carrots onto the very hot pan.


* Toss the carrots with melted butter and dark brown sugar for the richest flavor and deepest color.
* For a sweet-and-spicy maple syrup and nut flavor (particularly well suited to roast pork or turkey), toss the almost-cooked carrots with maple syrup, vanilla, chili powder, and walnuts. A few minutes more in the oven will turn the syrup to a glaze.

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