Can Happiness Be Far Behind?

The short version is I had the front door open & this guy flew into my house! He then nearly battered himself against windows in his effort to get back outside. They are so high up, I don’t have access to these windows by normal means. . After I climbed on a bar stool, and coaxed him away with a telescoping featherduster, he landed exhausted on the doorframe to my daughter’s room & just hung there. I shoo’d the cat, then scooped the Hummer up and carried him downstairs and outside. He willingly agreed to a few photos (shot w/my left hand!) as he rested. And then he flew away…
what a moment!
A Hummingbird in My Hand!

By Yankee Magazine

May 21 2008

Can Happiness Be Far Behind? (user submitted)
Photo Credit : Anne L Galante, MD