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Greenhead Fly
Yankee Magazine

Beasts of the Northern Wild | All About Greenhead Flies

Come mid-July, greenhead flies descend upon the beaches of New England. Learn more about these fierce, hungry, bloodsucking flies.

Protect Pets
Yankee Magazine

Ticks: Protect Your Pet from Lyme Disease

When the weather warms, tick season launches into full swing. You want to protect your furry friends, but first you need to know where those nasty critters are lying in wait, ready to pounce on their next meal ticket. Tall grass, bushes, and trees are all potential hidey-holes for ticks. As your pet passes by, […]


Rented Summer Cottage Nightmare! | Humor

A stay in a rented summer cottage always seems to start with a note from the owners that reads something like this. Welcome to Bide-A-We!! Before you and the gang rush out to the water, here are a few things you probably ought to know about our beloved home. First of all, the plumber’s name […]

Yankee Magazine

House for Sale: Bear Foot Farm

Known as Bear Foot Farm, it was built in the year before the Civil War began. During Prohibition, it took part in smuggling booze into the United States out of Canada. Yes, for those of us who aren’t Canadians, it’s a long drive up to North Troy, Vermont, where the rolling countryside is mostly open […]

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