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An Autumn Salute to Massachusetts Cranberries

How to make the most of the Bay State’s colorful, delicious cranberry harvest season.

Beautiful Colors
New England

Final New England Foliage Report For 2015

A mere two months ago, we watched a beautiful sunset on an unseasonably warm Labor Day evening, marking the unofficial end of summer in New England.  As the crickets and katydids loudly greeted the nightfall, we anticipated the shorter days and cooler nights that would kickstart the colors in one of the greatest displays of […]

Autumn Hike
New England

Fall In New England Is About More Than Just Foliage

Signs of autumn have been tough to come by this past week, but on the way out the door this morning, I was snapped into an autumn sensory overload.  The air was warm, humid, stagnant, and generally un-September-like, but it also was thick with the smell of ripe Concord grapes growing wild on the vines […]

Autumn Road
New England

Cooler Temperatures to Kickstart New England Foliage

The fall season in New England with all of its color is a relatively short period between the summer greens and the winter white. Transitions by their very nature are volatile, and this past week, a violent cold front broke a streak of hot humid weather with cooling winds and spectacular lighting. The calm after […]

New England

A Year After Irene, a New Normal in New England

This week marks the one year anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Irene, and subsequent devastation and disruption that the storm caused throughout our region. The storm was a tremendous reminder of the forces that shaped the land and landscape that we love, and that though we celebrate her beauty, Mother Nature’s power is not […]

Yankee Magazine

Boston’s Best Restaurants 2012

BEST SEAFOOD ON THE WATER Legal Seafoods Harborside, Boston Each of three levels here functions like a separate restaurant. Casual seafood and an old-fashioned fish market recall the chain’s roots on the first floor; the second level features polished fine dining. The best view is on the roof deck, where cocktails, a raw bar, and […]

New England

Far Northern New England Racing Towards Peak

The calendar officially changes from summer this week, and for the past week or so, it’s finally felt like autumn. In one clearing sweep from a sharp cold front last Thursday, true New England fall-like weather has settled in. Out of the closets have come the fleece and flannel, as the morning air has a distinct […]

Yankee Magazine

Concord Grapes | Uses and Recipes

You know autumn has arrived in New England when boxes of tangy-sweet Concord grapes start showing up at local markets and farm stands. In fact, these dusky-purple orbs are so fragrant, you can smell them before you see them. Their growing season is brief, so enjoy them now, either straight from the vine or in […]