Indian Pudding Recipes

Plimoth Plantation’s Slow Cooker Indian Pudding

This easy slow cooker Indian Pudding recipe from Plimoth Plantation makes preparing and enjoying this classic New England dessert a snap.
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Memere’s Meat Stuffing

A Massachusetts family recipe for French-Canadian meat stuffing, seasoned with cinnamon and cloves.
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Dorie Greenspan's Walnut-Mustard Gougeres

Walnut-Mustard Gougères

These walnut-mustard gougères from award-winning cookbook author Dorie Greenspan add elegance and flavor to any menu.
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A tray filled with sugar-coated donuts and donut holes, some placed in a bowl of cinnamon sugar.

Maine Potato Doughnuts

This Maine potato doughnuts recipe first ran in 1937, but we're pleased to say their delicious texture and flavor has stood the test of time.
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Chewy Maple Nut Bars Recipe

Chewy Maple Nut Bars

The combination of sweet brown sugar, crunchy pecans, and pure maple syrup in these chewy maple nut bars is tough to beat.
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