Harborside House Pumpkin Bread

The sweet tang of dried fruit combines with the richness of pumpkin to create this delightful pumpkin bread.
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Delightful Suncatchers Made with Recycled Glass

These hand-pressed suncatchers from Old Hancock Glassworks in New Hampshire feature the beautiful designs of your favorite plants, animals, birds, or flowers!
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American Chop Suey Casserole

Our American Chop Suey casserole is a savory, baked blend of noodles, ground beef, and seasoned tomato sauce. It's a New England classic!
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Yankee's New England Adventures

Over 400 Essential Things to See and Do! Yankee’s New England Adventures is your go-to source for in-depth travel information, with the same stunning photography and practical know-how Yankee brings to you every month.
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Yankee's New England Adventures

Toll House Cookies | The Original Chocolate Chip Cookie

Learn how New England innkeeper Ruth Wakefield invented the most popular cookie in America (Toll House Cookies) by adding Nestle chocolate bits to her cookies.
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Cutting boards with favorite destinations!

These eye-catching serving/cutting boards are a wonderful way to celebrate your favorite New England state!
Publick House Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

Publick House Pumpkin Muffins

The Publick House restaurant and inn in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is most famous for its dinner bread basket, but these sweet, golden pumpkin muffins are just as delectable.
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Old-Fashioned Whoopie Pies Recipe

5 New England Dishes Everyone Should Know How to Make

New England regional cuisine is broad and diverse, but you can’t deny the power of the classics. Cook like a true New Englander by mastering these five time-tested recipes.
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Coastal placemats for scrumptious suppers!

These machine washable placemats feature friendly lobsters!