Lemon-Raspberry Buckle Recipe

Lemon-Raspberry Buckle

A cross between a crisp and a cake, this moist and tender raspberry buckle is a perfect summer dessert.
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You Might Be a New Englander If…

Are you passionate about New England? Take a look at some of the traits and traditions that determine whether you might be a New Englander.
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Cornish Windsor Covered Bridge

The “Upper Valley” | A Place of ‘Unexpected Discoveries’

The "Upper Valley" along the Vermont/New Hampshire border is a collection of little-known small towns featuring the New England we all look for. You'll find beauty, nature, soft adventure, art--and even what Forbes magazine called "the best gelato in America."
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Dreaming of a European River Cruise?

Experience global cuisine and deluxe accommodations while exploring Europe on one of Emerald Waterways’ Star-Ships on the Danube, Rhine, and Douro Rivers. Request a free 2020 brochure today!
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How to Make Beach Plum Jam

Beach Plum Jam

We let the natural pectin in the fruit do the work in this beach plum jam recipe. You'll get a slightly looser jam but brighter plum flavor.
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hauling up lobster trap

Maine Lobster Boat Tour | Things to Do in Portland, Maine

Dedication to quality and sustainability are a big part of the Maine lobster industry. From trap to tank, learn what's in store on a Maine lobster boat tour.
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Things to Do in Hyannis, MA | Coastal Weekend Getaways

Things to Do in Hyannis, MA | Coastal Weekend Getaways

Yankee Magazine editors share some of their favorite places to eat, favorite places to stay, and favorite things to do in Hyannis, MA.
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