JFK Birthplace

Visiting the JFK Birthplace | A National Historic Site

Now a National Historic Site, the JFK birthplace in Brookline, Massachusetts is a worthy destination for both history buffs and Kennedy admirers.
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Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain

Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain | First Light

Each day before dawn, hundreds of pilgrims make their way to Acadia National Park’s highest point, eager to claim being the first to watch the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain.
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Herbed Watermelon Salad with Fresh Goat Cheese

On warm summer days we love this refreshing watermelon salad featuring crisp watermelon balanced with bright, fresh goat cheese.
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Kayaking Boston

Kayaking Boston | A Get-Started Guide

Want a fresh perspective on sightseeing (and a little fresh air, too)? Kayaking Boston offers a memorable way to experience New England’s marquee city.
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Raccoon Deterrent

Raccoon Deterrent | 4 Ways to Keep Raccoons Out of Garbage Cans

Sometimes a practical raccoon deterrent can yield surprising results. Learn four ways to keep raccoons out of your garbage cans for good.
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4 layer strawberry squares

Aunt Gladys’ 4-Layer Strawberry Dessert

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