Guide to New England Slang

Working on your Maine accent? Interpreting some Boston slang? Don't know a milkshake from a frappe? Let our Guide to New England slang help.
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Collecting Sea Glass | The Allure of Mermaids’ Tears

Those bits of sea glass ground smooth by the ocean before being scattered on the beach (sometimes known as mermaids' tears) can touch the imagination in special ways.
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The Original Vacation Retreat Poland Spring Resort

One of the best vacation values in New England with 3 inns, 3 restaurants, 10 cottages, 18-hole golf course, entertainment, tennis, pool, museums, and more.
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Things to Do in Boston | 6 Summer Activities

Where to Find the Best Lobster Roll in Boston

Where's the best lobster roll in Boston? We asked Senior Food Editor Amy Traverso to narrow down a list of 9 top contenders. Find out the winner!
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7 Best New England Antique Shows

From Union to Newport, and Boston to Brimfield, these New England antique shows will scratch your collecting itch.
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Memere Rousseau’s Tourtiere (Meat Pie) Recipe

Memere Rousseau’s Tourtiere (Meat Pie Recipe)

Made with ground pork, potatoes, and spices in a rich pastry crust, this traditional tourtiere recipe (French meat pie) is a holiday classic.
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orchid stem growing

How to Care for Orchids and Help Them Bloom

With delicate blooms flanked by elongated leaves, orchids have long been popular houseplants. Learn how to care for orchids and encourage them to re-bloom with these orchid care tips.
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