Maple Dumplings (Grandpères) Recipe

Maple Dumplings (Grandpères)

Each spring we look forward to maple dumplings, a decadent and boldly delicious maple-season treat.
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Nature in New England’s Wild Places | Photos

A collection of images celebrating New England nature and conservation from photographer Jerry Monkman.
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Yankee’s Essential New England Experiences

If you’re ready to see what New England has to offer, we’re ready to lead the way. Pre-order Yankee’s New England Adventures today for 400+ tips and essential experiences from the experts at Yankee Magazine.
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Mary Jane Candy | Favorite Old-Fashioned Candy

Mary Jane candy, a chewy peanut butter and molasses taffy treat, is a nostalgic and jaw-breaking New England penny candy favorite.
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Best of Portland, Maine | Yankee Editors’ Choice Awards

Learn Yankee's picks for the best of Portland, Maine, including where to eat, where to stay, what to do, and everything in between.
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Curried Vegetable Soup

Indonesian-Style Curried Vegetable Soup

This tasty curried vegetable soup gets its unique flavor from coconut milk, fresh ginger, and a winning combination of vegetables, noodles, and spices.
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New England’s Harborside Fish Shacks

In one form or another, New England's harborside fish shacks have been a source of shelter for over the past five centuries.
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