Motif No. 1

Motif No. 1 | The Story Behind Rockport’s Little Red Shack

Did you know that the little red fishing shack in Rockport, Massachusetts, also known as Motif No. 1, is the most painted building in the world?
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The Mother Library

When a young Midwesterner started working at the Boston Public Library, he was a stranger in a strange land. What he discovered there, though, would change his life.
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Hannah Duston

Judging Hannah Duston | The Colonial Woman Famous for Scalping Her Captors

What Hannah Duston did in 1697 earned her the praise and thanks from her neighbors. Nowadays, we might recoil in horror.
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Favorite Corn Recipes

Sweet Corn, Cheddar, and Chive Gougères

Fresh sweet corn kernels add a summery flare to these delicious French cheese puffs with cheddar and chives, a dish similar to popovers.
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15 Best New England Lobster Shacks

15 Best New England Lobster Shacks

Summer in New England isn’t complete without a stop at a lobster shack. Seafood expert Mike Urban picks the 15 best.
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Crispy Oven-Fried Scallops

Coated in a crunchy bread crumb topping and then baked, these delicious and crispy oven-fried scallops are a lighter and healthier take on classic fried scallops.
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