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Castine, Maine | A Historic Midcoast Maine Town

Considered one of the oldest towns in New England, Castine is a charming midcoast Maine spot offering cozy inns, scenic views, tasty food, and plenty of history.
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Best Lobster Rolls in Maine

A lobster roll is a simple thing: basically, cold lobster meat stuffed into a warm bun. It’s the street food of the rocky Maine coast–a vernacular masterpiece served high and low, at lobster pounds, cookhouses, and seafood shacks, at supermarkets and gas stations, at fast-food chains and in home kitchens.
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Puffins at East Egg Rock, Maine

Steve Kress worked diligently to establish a breeding colony of puffins at East Egg Rock. First the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed the seagull population, then Kress and helpers imported puffin chicks from Newfoundland.
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Rockport & Camden | Two Miles of Coastal Beauty

Maine has one of the world’s most dramatic coastlines, especially when the wind is high and towering waves thunder against the craggy shore. But it’s a quieter stretch of coast that offers—in many eyes—the prettiest walk in New England.
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