With its fertile farmland, teeming coastal waters, and flavorful influence from generations of immigrant arrivals, it’s no surprise that New England cuisine has a reputation for being seasonal, hearty, and comforting. Where else but New England can you find such vastly diverse foods as ocean-fresh lobster, artisanal cheeses, and award-winning microbrews sharing the spotlight with slow-cooked baked beans, steamed brown bread, and molasses-sweetened Indian pudding

From established fine-dining destinations like Boston and Providence to growing foodie-havens in smaller cities like Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Portland, Maine, the New England culinary scene is booming with farm-to-table restaurants, innovative modern eateries, and a growing number of small-batch specialty shops churning out everything from gourmet donuts and crepes to gelato and burgers.  

Want to enjoy classic New England food at home? With recipes for homegrown specialties like wild Maine blueberry pie and maple-cider glazed sweet potatoes, plus favorite New England dishes like clam chowder, Yankee pot roast, maple walnut ice cream, and Boston cream pie (just to name a few), the comforting flavors of traditional New England are always in season.

And let’s not forget the city and state classics. Whether it’s crispy New Haven pizza in Connecticut, baked beans in Beantown, cream-filled chocolate whoopie pies in Maine, lacy cornmeal jonnycakes and red chowder in Rhode Island, swirled maple creemees in Vermont, or European-inspired dishes like Portuguese Kale Soup or French-Canadian Meat Pies (Tourtiere), we’ve got all of your New England cravings covered. 

Search the New England Today site for seasonal and holiday recipe collections, step-by-step photographs of how to make your favorite New England recipes, cooking advice, and a fun look at the history of classic New England food traditions like Moxie, Necco, and the Fluffernutter.

The delicious world of New England cuisine awaits!


The Clam Shack Maine

The Clam Shack | Kennebunk, Maine

· · Food

One of New England’s most popular spots for the best fried clams and lobster rolls, The Clam Shack in Kennebunk, Maine just might be the ultimate summer seafood shack.

Thanks to an invitation from  … Read More

Baked Stuffed Fish

Baked Stuffed Fish

· · Food

In the early editions of her book, Fannie Farmer presented a whole haddock larded with pork fat and stuffed with a mixture of cracker crumbs and breadcrumbs, butter, salt, pepper,  … Read More

Cream of Corn Soup

Cream of Corn Soup

· · Food

How good is this cream of corn soup recipe? It used to be a Saturday night staple on the buffet at a popular Vermont inn. When it wasn’t people complained  … Read More


Witches’ Brew

· · Food

This November 1959 recipe for witches’ brew was such a hit in testing that it has become a go-to party drink for our editors. The combination of tea, citrus, spice,  … Read More

Blackberry Cobbler

Blackberry Cobbler

· · Desserts

“We lived in the country,” wrote reader Dorry Lou Wharton about this family recipe, which she sent to us in the early 1990s, “and every summer Mother would take me  … Read More


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